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Thursday October 19, 2017

Artificials are the mainstay of anglers around the world and it's no different on the Indian River Lagoon. There's a sense of pride when one catches a fish on a lure, whether it's a jig, topwater or a wooden plug made by a old timer in the family. Artificial lures are often easier than bait and are far less messy than live & dead bait. The simple convenience of heading out the door with a rod & reel and a hat full of your favorite lures while wading along the shoreline is an angler's way to decompress and forget about the worries of the week.

"I've learned over the years what works best on our local gamefish and if people will listen to our instruction and be willing to be flexable, they usually catch some great fish on the Space Coast"

Topwater plugs are the covetted lure by most fishermen and are put on a pedestal above all other fish charming hardware in the tacklebox. A simple popper can be chugged along and ignored while taking a sip from the beer (which usually helps) or a talented angler can try his hand at the Zara Spook or it's varients and show of his talents at zig-zagging the piece of plastic or wood on top of the water to impress his friends. The know how of topwater fishing is almost as rewarding as catching the fish in many instances as a bad day of fishing with a topwater will give any angler the excuse... "I used topwaters all day, and I think the fish just were't on the surface baits today". Anyways, who's counting fish, right? It's always better on the water than working in the office and besides, you got out of Honeydoos while you spent the day getting carpal-tunnel throwing topwater lures.

Lagooner Fishing Guides specializes in putting you on fish, whether it's artificial lure fishing or live baiting. Listen to your guide when it comes to choosing your weapon and ammunition on the water. The right lure might make the difference between a good day and a bad one. Some days require weedless jerkbaits and other days hard subsurface plugs with treble hooks will work the best. "I've learned over the years what works best on our local gamefish and if people will listen to our instruction and be willing to be flexable, they usually catch some great fish on the Space Coast", explains Captain Richard Bradley of Lagooner Fishing Guides.

A good presentation will often out perform a favorite lure and any color. Presentation is EVERYTHING on the Indian River Lagoon for most artificial lures on wary gamefish. A properly placed lure presented well will more than often get the bite.

Next time you decide to come down and go fishing on the Indian River Lagoon with a professional fishing guide, ask them about what artificials they recommend using for the conditions... It might surprise you that it's your favorite.

Popular Topwater Lures on the Indian River Lagoon

Rapala's Skitter Walk - An easier and better version of the Zara Spook of yesteryear. Better casting, better colors, better action and razor sharp hooks make for a better topwater.

Poppers - It's a toss up on which popper works the best with so many varieties and types. Try Storm, Yo-zuri and Rebel poppers and see which action works for you.

Soft Top Waters - Single hook soft topwaters can be awesome when the weeds are thick. Try several varieties including DOA's and Bass Assassin Die Dappers weedless hooked.

Indian River Fishing with Artificials

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: November 05 2016 12:00:30.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

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Fishing Reports

October - 2017 Fishing Report

The summer is over and the autumn winds are starting to prevail as we head toward the holidays and winter. With water temperatures on the fall and water levels above average you can find good numbers of fish very close to the shoreline and against the mangroves. Mullet are in their peak run and will start to subside as we enter November, but bait, comfort and the end of the redfish spawn should keep anglers busy during the month of October. Lie mullet will trump any given bait during the fall on most days and if you're lucky enough to run into a school of big breeding redfish, it typically doesn't matter what you throw at them, just be ready for these fish that often exceed forty pounds.

Wrapping up the October report, we have been catching snook along the deeper shorelines with the seasonally high water, breeding redfish are coming to an end, but you have a chance to catch them and the fall mullet fun will keep the gamefish interesting into November.

Fishing Forecast

October - 2017 Fishing Forecast

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

I live in Cocoa Beach, but get lots of company from Germany & other parts of Europe, - gone fishing with Capt Richard of Lagooner Fishing Guides, several times, to make my friends Florida experience a real special one - never had more fun. Capt Richard Bradley makes your day so special from the second you put foot on his boat. Chances are , you're going to witness a georgeous sunrise, he will point out anything & everything worthwhile seeing, he's knowledgeable, funny & entertaining - and he KNOWS , WHERE THE FISH ARE !! Never been disappointed ever!! My friends won't leave Florida without having had the LAGOONER fishing experience.
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