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Friday November 27, 2015

Sea Trout trips on the Indian River Lagoon in East Central Florida are back! It's not uncommon to come back to the dock with your limit in fish while releasing many fish back to be caught again. The Indian River Lagoon or IRL is the world famous for it's spotted sea trout that was on the verge of collapse until the Net-Ban in the early 1990's brought it back.

"In the last few years we've seen many trout approaching and sometimes even breaking the ten pound mark." comments Captain Richard Bradley (Lagooner Fishing Guide)

East Central Florida is home to the largest spotted seatrout in the world. After entanglement netting was constitutionally banned in Florida, seatrout have rebounded back to healthy numbers and sizes that we haven't seen since the early 1980's. Seatrout are an aggressive fish that will strike anything from topwater artificials, spoons, jigs, livebait and various fly patterns.

INSHORE and/or NEARSHORE over grass, sand and sandy bottoms. Winter time fishing in deeper waters with well defined thermoclines produce plentiful numbers of fish. We find that seatrout stage close to their winter holes on the flats between cold spells. Live bait works great for winter trout as they are usually less aggressive and want to test the baits a lot before they commit to a strike. Recent winters have produced many trout in excess of 30 inches and we are looking forward to many more successful trout seasons ahead.


Seatrout are often referred to as gator trout when they are large (over 6 pounds). Lagooner charters specialize in finding and catching large seatrout in shallow water areas. Here are some facts about these gamefish:

Matures during first or second year and spawns INSHORE from March through November; often in association with seagrass beds; lives mainly in estuaries and moves only short distances; adults feed mainly on shrimp and small fish.

Some Trout Pictures:

Sebastian Inlet Gator Trout
Girl with Stringer of Trout
Seatrout On Fly
Banana River Trout
Indian River Gator Trout
Stringer of Big Seatrout
Florida Sea Trout
Mosquito Lagoon Sea Trout
Banana River Sea Trout
Gator Trout in the Banana Lagoon


Not less than 15" or more than 20" (statewide) except one fish over 20" per person. 4 per harvester per day South Region 5 per harvester per day N.E. and N.W. Regions.
Season Closure: Nov. & Dec. S. Region / Feb. N.E. and N.W.

State Record

15lb., 6 ozs.

Seatrout or Speckled Sea Trout Fishing on the Indian River Lagoon

Reviewed by Captain Richard Bradley on Last modified: November 19 2015 17:22:38.

Published by: Captain of Lagooner Fishing Guides©

Looking for information about fishing the Indian River Lagoon or IRL in Central Florida? Call (321) 868-4953 and Ask for Captain Richard or his fishing mate Captain Gina. They'll be more than glad to talk to you in length about setting up a fishing trip while you're visiting the area.

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Fishing Reports

November 2015
Indian River Fishing Update

It's turkey month and November of 2015 is winding up to be one of the best and productive fishing Novembers in recent years when the weather cooperates between fronts. Cold fronts and windy weather wreak havoc on the fishing but they are also what cause tremendous fishing in the milder weather between the fronts. Hey! It's Florida, how bad can a cold front be anyhow? Cold fronts set fish into their fall/winter patterns and cause them to feed strongly between the fronts as winter sets in. If it turns out to be a harsh winter look for awesome fishing between the fronts and if it's a mild winter the fishing should be consistent all winter long. So there it is your winter fishing forecast in November of 2015! Now for a more detailed look at what's been going on lately in the Indian River Lagoon.

Big redfish are roaming the flats in the Indian River Lagoon with many being caught over the twenty pound mark and a few scaling past the thirty pound mark. Between the fronts we are finding black drum on many of of the fishing holes and sandbars around the IRL. Prior to or each front when the wind starts to pick up we've been getting strong bites from keep sized redfish and brilliant colored spotted seatrout with their bright yellow mouths and speckled backs. During the fronts, fishing becomes more challenging but many of our anglers are still landing fish if they are patient and work diligently at presenting artificials or particularly live baits during the waining of the fall mullet run.

November is and excellent month for fishing in the Indiand River Lagoon, but I'm also fishing many days southward toward Sebastian Inlet and Honest John's fish camp near Grant and Fellsmere. We have been doing superb snook fishing for the adventurous night anglers, landing many snook near or over the 34 inch slot limit.

Fishing Forecast

November - 2015 Fishing Forecast

Thanksgiving in Central Florida and on the Banana River Lagoon can be a great time of the year for almost all types of inshore species native to our area. Redfish, black drum and sea trout will really kick in as the month matures and will only get better as the winter deepens. Look for this fall month to produce good numbers of redfish and some spotted sea trout. If it's a very cool month, it should be better and warmer will still produce well. The nice thing about November too is that there is less fishing pressure and boaters on the lagoon. This will help with the gathering of fish in the busier parts of the lagoon and it's also a good time to have some seclusion.

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Inshore Charter Fishing in the Banana River Lagoon near Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

We had an awesome day of fishing with Captain Richard! Regardless of your fishing ability....Richard will get you on fish and make sure that everyone has a great day! He is professional, courteous and funny! We caught fish even though boats around us were struggling and we had a fantastic time! I would highly recommend fishing with Richard!
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